Optimizing Impact Through the Power of Words

M.A.D.E Professional Speaking is committed to awakening the place within your mind that contains life-changing ideas.  Our speakers are advocates for long-lasting change, crafting messages that go beyond simply motivating–they disrupt your current way of thinking–making room for you to adopt new ideas, techniques and practices.

Participants of the M.A.D.E. Professional Speaking experience will reenter the world more empowered and equipped to increase their level of impact within their homes, organizations, businesses, teams, schools and communities. Our goal is that each individual who experiences M.A.D.E. Professional speaking will walk away with the words of inspiration and practical tools that will ignite a change in mindset and behavior. Please read some of our client success stories in their own words on The Made Experience page. Embark on the journey with us as we dive deep within and bring that hidden gem to life!

Check out a brief video of Corey Graham speaking here.