M.A.D.E. Leadership Coaching

“Coaching is the fastest, most powerful way to develop leaders.”
— Robert Hargrove (Author of Masterful Coaching)

Make A Decision Every Day to Live and Lead Courageously in Life & Business
At The M.A.D.E. Company, we believe that leadership is a process everyone can contribute to and participate in, not simply a title. You don’t wake up one day a leader. You become a leader as you decide to live and lead courageously every day. This is where coaching comes in!

M.A.D.E. Leadership Coaching is a forward-looking, outcome-driven, confidential learning process that brings about new actions, new mindsets, increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence so clients can deepen their understanding of personal gateways and barriers to leadership, maximize performance and achieve desired goals. We help you develop the mindset, access the resources, cultivate the courage, and design the roadmap you need to significantly increase your leadership capacity and move toward your personal and professional goals with passion and determination.

We partner with our clients to establish or evolve their Personal Leadership so they can increase personal effectiveness, and ultimately lead with more influence and impact. Areas of focus typically include:
♦ Maximize impact and influence on their team and within their organization
♦ Establish a compelling vision and clear priorities
♦ Set and achieve meaningful goals
♦ Shift limiting mindsets and beliefs
♦ Develop clarity around and craft their desired leadership identity
♦ Find and use their leadership voice
♦ Define the leadership legacy they want to leave
♦ Understand the critical skill of operating with a lens toward diversity and inclusiveness
♦ Master relationship building
♦ Cultivate self-awareness
♦ Empower themselves and others
♦ Grow their confidence
♦ Embody their personal mission, vision and values
♦ Increase effectiveness in communication
♦ Ensure accountability

Our clients are ready to activate their Personal Leadership with a clear vision and road map for leaving their leadership mark on the world.

Personal Leadership & The M.A.D.E. To Lead Model™
We have been leaders and worked with leaders in many industries—public sector, private sector, and non-profit organizations—and over the years, we discovered a direct correlation between certain leadership behaviors and professional and personal success. We identified these critical behaviors and developed a model called the M.A.D.E. To Lead Model, which has become a critical tool in helping our clients clarify and step boldly into their leadership identify. Once you clarify who you need to “be” and what you are committed to “doing” to make your desired leadership identity a reality, you can begin to intentionally craft your Personal Leadership vision to match this need. We use the M.A.D.E. To Lead Model in partnership with other leading models, including the 15 Building Blocks of a Transformational Leader Model. You can learn more about the M.A.D.E. To Lead Model here.

M.A.D.E. Leadership Coaching partners with you to activate your Personal Leadership and live a life of impact through clarity, commitment and conviction. Coaching is better experienced than explained, so give us a call or drop us an email at Info@TheMadeCompany.com. We’d be happy to set up a free coaching session to see if our style of coaching is right for you. Please read some of our client success stories in their own words on The Made Experience page. We look forward to partnering with you to take your Personal Leadership to the next level!

Our coaches are certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF) the professional association that establishes ethics and standards for professional coaching, and hold other credentials from programs accredited by the ICF. We endorse the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics in our practice and with our clients.

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