Here’s what our clients are saying…

quotation-markMy coaching experience with Sharma can really only be described as transformational.
In working with her I feel that I’ve reached a turning point in my own leadership journey. My goal at the start of our partnership was to maximize the impact I had on my team, but throughout this experience, I’ve been able to accomplish and learn so much more. Before working with her, I was letting self-doubt and other rooted beliefs hold me back from my own power and potential. Sharma’s supportive, incisive guidance and questioning, and the M.A.D.E. To Lead framework pushed me to do that necessary self-work to uncover what held me back, make tweaks to the way I thought and operated, and ultimately create new empowering beliefs that have allowed me to step into my leadership. Even my manager in a recent professional development conversation commented on my growth in leadership, communication, confidence, and proactive action in the past couple of months. I’m excited to continue the work! Thank you, Sharma!
– S.B.
Director of Diversity Recruitment & Special Projects


quotation-markMy coaching sessions with Sharma compelled me to set my intentions as a leader, to really reflect
on my personal leadership approachand to ask for what I need. Sharma listened very well and she asked clarifying questions which made me reflect some more. My sessions with Sharma gave me a deeper level of confidence in what I can do with our organization, how to inspire our staff and others, and to have balance with myself and the people that I work with. I will always remember what she said about self-care: “I cannot give what I do not have.”
– E.B.
CEO, Maui Family Support Services, Inc.


quotation-markCorey’s speeches are engaging and practical, but most important, relatable.
– J. T.
Lead Performance Manager, Red Ventures


quotation-markAs a small business owner, it was easy for me to get caught up in the daily demands of making my agency run effectively. However, if I wanted my agency to be successful, I needed to ensure I was an effective leader. Working with Sharma Graham as my leadership coach pushed me to think critically about my actions as a leader and how that impacted my employees and business partners, client acquisition and retention, and production. Since I have no one who manages me, I needed a leadership coach to help me identify areas of strength and development and hold me accountable to carrying out action steps. Every meeting with Sharma concluded with concrete, relevant next steps that I could immediately apply to my work. This resulted in positive traction in my agency and my ability to continue to think critically about my leadership development ongoing.
– E.W.
Owner/Managing Director, Pro Player Insurance Group


quotation-markSharma is an incredibly competent coach and facilitator of learning, and her years of experience
and knowledge of resources further strengthen her work as a people partner. Sharma has been a key partner to develop my strengths as a leader and a manager, and she has also played an important role to develop the managers on my team. Sharma possesses strong listening and problem-solving skills, and I am grateful to have had her as a partner to capitalize upon opportunities present to develop my team and to navigate challenges as well.
– D.G.
Vice President, Collective Leadership, Teach For America


quotation-markFeeling stuck but wanting change, yet not sure how or if you can shift the gear to drive? Call Sharma at The Made Company.
I did and I’m very grateful. I found her exercises, personality and coaching approach to spearhead self awareness, confidence and movement. Therefore, shifting me from a place of analysis paralysis to a place of insight and clarity on my entrepreneurial desires and plans. I am now dreaming with action, thanks to the leadership coaching of Sharma Graham.
– T.A.G.
Owner, YMC, PLLC


quotation-markOver the past year I have found myself facing a series of critical personal and professional questions – many of which I just did not feel prepared to answer. Specifically, I knew I was ready for the next chapter of my career but wasn’t sure exactly which direction to take. Personally, I was looking to grow in some key areas but, again, at a loss for how to approach it all. Given my needs and timeline, Sharma suggested the M.A.D.E VIP Experience – a day-long session designed to help me reflect on what I valued in life (personally and professionally) and assess if I was living up to these values. The day also connected how these values could inform and fuel my next steps. It was a challenging, insightful, and personally fulfilling day. To spend the entire day focused on ME!, my values, goals, needs, and opportunities was positively overwhelming. It was literally the best thing I have done for my development in years. Sharma was able to put me at ease and challenge me (almost simultaneously!) and her questions, activities and insights were thought provoking but also very practical. I have been using so much of what I have learned and consistently going back to my materials as I plan for my next steps. I look forward to a continued relationship!
– M.L.
Managing Director, Community & School Partnerships


quotation-markMy coaching experience with Sharma helped to develop my personal and professional strengths.
The coaching sessions were very effective in building confidence and encouraged me to implement positive action steps towards my life and work. M.A.D.E. coaching provided the strategies needed to exercise my personal beliefs into a realistic vision of success. The momentum inspired by my M.A.D.E coaching sessions inspired me to work on plans beyond the coaching sessions. I was eager to share my new plans with my executives and supervisors which led to a promotion. Sharma helped me to align my professional aspirations with my personal beliefs. This new mindset has enhanced my effectiveness in and outside of work.
– M. E.
Educator, Duval County Public Schools


quotation-markIt was a complete pleasure having Corey speak to my young men. Instantly, his life story touched the minds of my young men and the workshop activities kept the group engaged. As a nonprofit professional and mentor of youth, I highly endorse Corey and his company. He does amazing work and most importantly, the young men benefit from his experiences and knowledge.
– B. M.
Executive Director, Youth Educational Society of Charlotte


quotation-markI initially came to The M.A.D.E. Company for personal leadership coaching thinking that I would learn the insights on how to appeal to potential employers for leadership roles. The coaching sessions quickly went beyond the surface, and were geared toward determining the root of my issues. I was able to learn so much about myself and how to think differently about everyday tasks. Sharma was able to help me redirect my thoughts and now it has become an effortless thing. I was able to see a change in myself after the very first session. Now that I have experienced coaching, I don’t ever want to go without it. I am driving toward my goals every day, and I have developed skills that have taken my life to a higher place. If you have hit a plateau in your life and you want to invest in yourself, I recommend M.A.D.E Leadership Coaching. It is a life-changing experience.
– J. W.
MBA, Financial Specialist, BAE Systems


quotation-markMy time working with Sharma was a transformational experience.
Professionally I was in a moment of critical transition and needed to redefine the type of leader I wanted and needed to be. Sharma shepherded me through a process of self-discovery that has led me to my current role in which I am deeply satisfied and able to do what I do best every single day. I am so grateful for her guidance.
Managing Director, Regional Development Coaching, Teach For America


quotation-markCorey challenges your mind to the point that he evokes you to think daily about your choices.
Practical words spoken prophetically through real life experiences.
– L. W.
Owner and Founder, Images of Power


quotation-markMy interest in the M.A.D.E Company derived from me having low self-confidence and a fear of public speaking.  The sessions held were beneficial and convenient as they resulted in me learning more about my strengths, weaknesses, and personal leadership as a whole. I am very thankful for working with Sharma and the M.A.D.E Company. I now have written personal goals and the accountability needed to expand my personal leadership and seize opportunities to speak publicly.  Initially I found it all to be challenge, but the process works!
– L.G.
Electrical Engineer, Marley Engineered Products


quotation-markSharma consistently provides invaluable insight and a listening ear. Her strategic approach to human capital development has helped me build confidence and effectiveness as a manager and professional development coach. Knowing I have Sharma in my corner means the world!
– J.I.
President/Founder & Professional Development Coach, Jovian Irvin LLC


quotation-markMy experience with M.A.D.E. personal leadership coaching was great.
The information I received helped me to see that I can truly accomplish any goal and aspiration that I set as long as I put forth the effort and the drive to make it happen.  I believe that everyone, no matter their background, can benefit from the coaching and the methods that were discussed. This was truly an awesome experience that helped me to learn more about myself and provided methods that I can and will use to take my personal leadership to another level.
– M. C.
Account Manager, Aetna Health