While we customize coaching engagements for each individual using a combination of the M.A.D.E. To Lead Model and various cutting-edge coaching models, here are the common elements:

• Our coaching conversations are confidential
• You articulate your clear-cut goals for the coaching process
• Your coach interviews you and key stakeholders to your success
• Your coach helps you identify, understand, and develop your own strengths using Gallup’s Clifton Strength Finder®
• In partnership with your coach, you utilize The M.A.D.E. To Lead Model which provides a roadmap for breakthrough Personal Leadership growth
• In partnership with your coach, you develop Clarity, Commitment and Conviction about the life of impact you desire
• You take the lead on building a M.A.D.E. To Lead Game Plan
• You take the lead on determining and planning your leadership-building actions and experiments
• We meet face-to-face or virtually with a meeting schedule that works for you
• We measure and celebrate your progress and success

What You Can Expect
When working with a M.A.D.E. Leadership Coach, you can expect your coach to partner with you to:

• Support you in your journey toward clarity, commitment and conviction around who you want to be and what you want to do
• Help you discover and understand personal gateways and barriers to your Personal Leadership
• Ask powerful questions to help you discover your own answers
• Discover and align your values, mission, and actions
• Create a safe space for risk taking and exploring new behaviors
• Provide the gift of uninterrupted time and space
• Identify and achieve goals that are personally and professionally significant to you
• Determine ways to breakdown your goals into manageable actions
• Design systems of accountability
• Listen without judgment

M.A.D.E. Leadership Coaching helps you unlock your leadership potential. Give us a call or send us an email at Info@TheMadeCompany.com. We’d be happy to set up a free coaching session to see if our style of coaching is right for you. Please read some of our client success stories in their own words on The Made Experience page.

Our coaches are certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and hold other credentials from programs accredited by the ICF, the professional association that establishes ethics and standards for professional coaching. We endorse the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics in our practice and with our clients.

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