Make A Decision Every day to live & lead courageously

The M.A.D.E. Company is a personal and professional development firm with a mission to inspire and equip our clients to live and lead courageously in life and business. We believe that everyone, regardless of leadership position or title, can make a decision every day to live and lead courageously--and that is when our our personal lives, teams, organizations and communities truly thrive. Personal effectiveness is a critical lever to leadership--whether it's self-leadership or leading others. We partner with professionals to establish or evolve their Personal Leadership so they can significantly increase personal effectiveness, and ultimately lead with more influence and impact. Our services include leadership/executive coaching, management coaching, public speaking coaching, speaking engagements, workshops and training.

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Five Things We Know:

Are any of these statements true for you?

  • I have significant personal and professional goals I want to achieve, but often times feel like life is leading me. I want to be more proactive.
  • I want to increase my impact and influence on my team, within my organization, or in my community, but I’m not a “natural leader.”
  • I want to grow in my leadership behaviors and skills, but am not sure who to ask or where to start.
  • I know there is more I could be doing to demonstrate leadership, but I’ve gotten comfortable where I am, and am honestly a bit scared.
  • I’ve tried different styles of leadership that seem to work for other people, but they don’t feel authentic.

If you can relate to any of these statements, you’ve come to the right place. The M.A.D.E. Company can help you develop the mindset, access the resources, cultivate the courage, and design the roadmap you need to significantly increase your leadership capacity and move toward your personal and professional goals with passion and determination.

Here's FIVE Things We Know:

1. No matter where you are in your life personally or professionally, one thing is true--the world needs your leadership now. Our personal lives, teams, organizations, and communities thrive when each person in them makes a decision every day to live and lead courageously.

2. Whether you are currently serving in a formal leadership capacity or not, the world needs you to lead from where and who you are.

3. Leadership is a decision. It is a process everyone can contribute to, not simply a title.

4. You don't wake up a leader one day. You become a leader as you decide to live and lead courageously every day.

5. When you have clarity, commitment and conviction around who you want to BE and what you want to DO, you are able to significantly increase your leadership capacity and impact. We call that Personal Leadership!

Personal Leadership–helping you to establish or evolve yours–is the centerpiece of all we do. Live a life that reflects who you want to be AND what you want to do. We can help!

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The M.A.D.E. Experience

We partner with clients to develop clarity, commitment and conviction around who they want to be and what they want to do so they can live the life of impact they desire. Check out what our clients are saying below.

My coaching experience with Sharma can really only be described as transformational. In working with her I feel that I’ve reached a turning point in my own leadership journey. My goal at the start of our partnership was to maximize the impact I had on my team, but throughout this experience, I’ve been able to accomplish and learn so much more. Before working with her, I was letting self-doubt and other rooted beliefs hold me back from my own power and potential. Sharma’s supportive, incisive guidance and questioning, and the M.A.D.E. To Lead framework pushed me to do that necessary self-work to uncover what held me back, make tweaks to the way I thought and operated, and ultimately create new empowering beliefs that have allowed me to step into my leadership. Even my manager in a recent professional development conversation commented on my growth in leadership, communication, confidence, and proactive action in the past couple of months. I’m excited to continue the work! Thank you, Sharma!
- S.B.
Director of Diversity Recruitment & Special Projects

Corey challenges your mind to the point that he evokes you to think daily about your choices. Practical words spoken prophetically through real life experiences.
- L. W.
Owner and Founder, Images of Power

Corey's speeches are engaging and practical, but most important, relatable.
- J. T.
Lead Performance Manager, Red Ventures

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Professional Speaking

M.A.D.E Professional Speaking is committed to awakening that place within your mind where life-changing ideas live. Embark on the journey with M.A.D.E. Professional Speaking as we dive deep within and bring that hidden gem to life!

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Leadership Coaching

M.A.D.E. Leadership Coaching is a forward-looking, outcome-driven, confidential learning process that brings about new actions, new mindsets, increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence so clients can deepen their understanding of personal gateways and barriers to leadership, maximize performance and achieve desired goals.

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The M.A.D.E. Team

The M.A.D.E. Team is passionate about helping individuals and companies grow in their Personal Leadership through professional speaking and coaching services, workshops and more.

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